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Azad’s remarks aimed at dashing the hopes of people with special status for J&K: Mehbooba Mufti

Regional leaders in Jammu and Kashmir accuse ex-Congress leader of instilling defeatism in the people

Regional leaders in Jammu and Kashmir accuse ex-Congress leader of instilling defeatism in the people

Several regional leaders in Jammu and Kashmir, including Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday criticized former Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad’s stance on Article 370 and accused him of to “infuse defeatism” among the people of J&K.

Former chief minister Ms Mufti called Mr Azad’s statement – that reinstatement of special status under Article 370 was unlikely – as “unfortunate”. “Such a statement from such a senior leader was regrettable. I want to remind him that when the BJP-led Center can talk to the Northeastern Nagas on a separate flag and a separate constitution, why not Kashmir where the Maharaja has signed a conditional instrument of accession with India?” said Ms. Mufti.

Ms Mufti said Mr Azad’s statements were aimed at dashing the hopes of J&K residents. “The Center chose to engage with the Nagas despite the attacks on a security force bus which left 18 dead. Why does Azad sahib tell people that restoration is not possible. It’s entirely possible. We will fight for this,” Ms Mufti said.

Senior PDP leader Naeem Akhtar also targeted Mr. Azad for his stance on Article 370. deprivation of their rights,” Mr. Akhtar said.

He said Mr Azad needed to be reminded that political struggles were not like applying for jobs in prescribed formats. “Our case depends on our conviction, our endurance and our perseverance and how the Indian nation understands us. With his national stature, Azad Sahib could help there instead of advocating surrender at home,” he added.

Muzaffar Shah, President of the National Awami Conference (NC), said doubts were deliberately created in people’s minds about Section 370.

“We want to tell Azad sahib that we are not misleading people on Article 370. We have not approached Parliament but the Supreme Court (SC). We expect the SC to uphold the Constitution and bring justice to the people of J&K. We are not demanding it from Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Shah said.

“Haven’t the agricultural laws been abolished? It is the people that matter, not Parliament. Such decisions do not need numbers in parliament,” he added.

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