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As IRCTC presents Pods for Rest, discover 5 countries offering Pod-style retreat rooms

Indian railways never fails to amaze people with innovative ideas and exceptional work. Indian Railways lifted the curtains of their very first ‘Pod’ concept retreat room at Mumbai Central Station on Wednesday. Inaugurated on Wednesday by the Union Minister of State for Railways, Raosaheb Patil Danve, these “Pod” rooms are luxuriously built with full equipment as well as the necessities in a compact form.

It has a large number of small bed-sized rooms called ‘capsules’, which are offered at an affordable price for guests, along with all the basic necessities. Fees for pod rooms vary depending on need and number of people. From 999 for 12 hours per person the charge for 24 hours would be Rs. 1999 / -. The pod room option will suit backpackers, solo travelers, business executives and study groups, etc.

Discover these five countries that offer “Pod” retirement rooms


The “Pod Concept” was first introduced in Japan, where these capsule guesthouses are offered at an affordable price to provide travelers with a safe and affordable place to sleep. Hoteliers in Pod Japan are one of the top tourist attractions as they provide guests with the most elegant and luxurious experience.


The concept of ‘Pod’ retirement rooms is widespread and popular in Singapore. Pod Rooms offer an elegant living room and bedroom in a compact form. This means that it is possible to share a room without being disturbed by the guests. The capsule hotels also provide food, wifi and other basic amenities.


Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, the pod restroom in Russia is one of the most used spaces by tourists from different countries who find these pods affordable and comfortable. This place also attracts a large number of travelers due to its unique design, which gives every chance to get rid of the traditional hotel.

Sri Lanka

The Pod Concept-Based Pod Rooms in Sri Lanka are a shining example of how the traditional hotel has become a comfortable, space-saving accommodation option. The capsule rooms in Sri Lanka contain a large number of rooms with all the required amenities.


Australia has a different pod concept as the capsule room in Sydney has a king-size bed, reading light, charging station, and air conditioning, among other amenities.

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