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Apoorva Ganapathy: An outstanding technician with exemplary contributions to startups across countries

“During this tenure, he was involved in the implementation and design of various frameworks for clients and helped them increase the conversion rate to generate huge revenue.”

Apoorva Ganapathy is a technician with 15 years of IT experience. He has worked in several fields such as hospitality, insurance, media and retail. During this time, he has collaborated with the giants of various industries. Apoorva wears many hats as a software engineer, technical writer, architect, and speaking presenter. His writings are published in several international journals.

He has played many roles in several large companies throughout his illustrious career as an engineer, leader, architect, managing various projects and leading a team of frontline technicians. He has worked with some of the biggest technology companies such as Royal Mail, AIG, Tech Target, Hyatt Hotels, MasterCard, AT&T, Silicon Labs, McAfee and Adobe.

Over the 15 years of his professional career, Apoorva has excelled as a team member and leader. His strong interpersonal skills, analytical skills and clear communication have inspired and motivated teams of 50-75 consultants across global destinations. He has also been at the forefront of managing clients, resolving complex queries and uncovering application theories.

Apoorva has been associated with content management systems like OpenText CMS (Vignette), WordPress, AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) and e-commerce systems like ATG (currently known as Oracle E-Commerce) since 2012. During this tenure, he was a part of the implementations and design of various frameworks for clients and helped them increase conversion rate to generate huge revenue while enabling them to minimize operational expenses. He worked on some implementations in content management system and e-commerce domains which revolved around access controls, workflow mechanism, automatic content generation, login managers, single sign-on, commerce pricing system, session management, headless CMS, integration managers and multi-site management and platform detections.

Apoorva’s seminars on various accelerators, frameworks, processes, and guidance around Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) CMS and e-commerce topics have especially helped startups in the United States achieve significant milestones each year to realize revenue from several million dollars for the year. His contributions to Indian EdTech industry startups based on AI and EdTech related seminars and publications are exemplary. This has had a positive impact on the overall development of these EdTech platforms to build massive income-generating systems. Also, other seminars on Cryptography, CMS, AI, Robotics, Automation, Blockchain, Cryptography, Cybersecurity, and Edge Computing were equally popular with the audience. He has a proven track record in all of these areas and has established himself as an industry expert. It has proven successful for entrepreneurs and various businesses in implementing multiple accelerators and frameworks, setting them apart from their peers.

Apoorva believes in being a student for life and constantly learning new things. Evidenced by the various certifications he has obtained over the years in his professional career. He is certified AEM (Adobe Experience Manager), AWS Certified Solutions Architect, TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), PMP (Project Management Professional) and Oracle Java Development Professional. He is also a member of the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). He is a board member of several international journals.

Additionally, Apoorva has conducted seminars on Content Management Systems, AI, Internet of Things (IoT), Automation, Blockchain, Cryptography, Cybersecurity, and Edge Computing. The aim of these seminars was for the public to be able to drive the implementation of these topics more effectively and creatively. Public reaction to these seminars has been overwhelmingly positive. His lectures have focused on providing his audience with tools and techniques to drive their implementations more efficiently by streamlining the process and generating higher revenue.

Apoorva’s articles have been published in numerous international journals. He received an Australian patent, “A System for Farmers Enablement based on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain”. In addition, he has also published various books which cover crucial areas of “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with Server Monitoring Maintenance Code Analysis” and “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with Content Management System”. His books have been critically acclaimed and hailed for their beginner-friendly language.

Apoorva has published several articles in various international journals. His selected titles include “AI Fitness Checks, Maintenance and Monitoring on Systems Managing Content & Data: A Study on CMS World”, “Friendly URLs in the CMS and Power of Global Ranking with Crawlers with Added Security”, “Cascading Cache Layer in Content Management System”, “UI/UX Automated Designs in the World of Content Management Systems”, “Mobile Remote Content Feed Editing in Content Management System”, “Image Association to URLs across CMS Websites with Unique Watermark Signatures to Identify Who Owns the Camera” , “Intelligent indexing and sorting management system, automated indexing and sorting of research of various topics”, “Automated content creation with embedded artificial intelligence: a study on the learning management system for the Educational Entrepreneurship”, “Machine Moderators in Content Management System Details: Essentials for IoT Entrepreneurs”, “HTML Content and Casca Tree Sheets from: Overview of Improved Web Content Visualization”, “Easy URLs in Content Management t System with Crawlers for Added Security”, and “Robotic Process Automation: End from Entrepreneurial Content Editing to Go Live”. These articles have been part of many discussions among other experts and scholars in the field. Various individuals and companies have cited his work.

Apoorva has established itself as one of the leading experts by being involved in all aspects of software development, from system architecture, analysis, design, implementation, documentation, testing or deployment. He has been featured on Yahoo Finance, New York Weekly, Times of India, India Today, Thrive Global and LA Progressive due to his expertise.

Apoorva Ganapathy is an outstanding software engineer, and his contribution to the industry is a testament to that. He has thrived in the industry for almost a “decade and a half” now and given his track record, it is safe to assume that the best is yet to come in the years to come.

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