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Animals were being sacrificed in a temple, suddenly people of Hindu religion came, clashes

Balod: In Balod district of Chhattisgarh, there was a lot of stone throwing and lathi charging between the two sides over animal sacrifice. About half a dozen people were injured in the attack, who were admitted to hospital for treatment. Police also rushed to the scene as soon as they received information about the incident and arrested some people and started questioning them.

The incident happened at the Jamdi Patha Pateshwar Dham Temple in Tuegandi under the Manchurian Police Station area. Indeed, on Sunday, some people in the village sacrificed goats and chickens in the name of worship in the temple. As soon as the news reached some people associated with Hinduism, they also reached it. An argument broke out between them and the people who sacrificed the animals.

The argument escalated to such an extent that stone throwing began between them. They started brandishing sticks at each other. As soon as the news of the fight was received, the police team went to the scene and became involved in controlling the situation. The injured people were then rushed to the nearest hospital and some people were also questioned by the police among those detained. Balod SP Govardhan Singh Thakur said one case was recorded during the war between the two sides. Investigation of the case is currently underway.

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