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ANA’s AIMM Unveils Top Crops of 2021 List with Ulta Beauty, USAA, Verizon and Walmart Among Top Performers


LOS ANGELES, February 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) and partner company Opside, LLC have released new results from their Cultural Insights Impact Measure (CIIM™) revealing the top brands in the culture of 2021 in the main consumer segments. To measure the authenticity and level of authentic cultural representations of 2021 ads, CIIM™ conducted over 400,000 ad assessments, testing 1,100 ads across 63 industries. 100,000 consumers watched and rated ads based on multiple cultural attributes in the CIIM™ algorithm, including: authenticity, cultural pride, celebrations, good role models, positive reflections, cultural values, representation and respect, among others. Ads from brands in the retail, automotive, insurance, healthcare and telecommunications categories have risen to the top by leveraging authentic and positive cultural representations, pride and positive role models.

With the recent rise in social unrest and the call for equality and fair representation, many brands have made a commitment to DE&I. However, progress against these promises has varied, with few brands implementing holistic strategies to understand and connect with diverse audiences. In fact, CIIM™ analysis reveals a drop in the cultural relevance of ads across all consumer segments in 2021, with the steepest drop among LGBTQ viewers, people with disabilities, and English-speaking Hispanic viewers.

“According to CIIM™ research, brand-consumer relationships begin with representation, but require rich and authentic cultural representations to build deeper connections that drive brand momentum and growth,” said carlos santiago, AIMM and Oppside Co-founder. “As we head into Super Bowl weekend, where the spotlight shines on the industry, these brands are a powerful example of how impactful connections can be made between different audiences with the same creation. has been raised, and we hope that others will follow.”

The following Best-In-Culture brands, categorized by segment, can serve as role models for the industry on how to achieve cultural relevance through inclusive marketing:


Hispanic English

  • Banner Health
  • Subway by T-Mobile
  • walmart

hispanic spanish

  • Chevy
  • Verizon Fios
  • walmart

All consumers = general population (weighing)

  • Banner Health
  • USAA
  • walmart

“We are proud to be recognized by AIMM and CIIM™ as a Best-in-Culture brand,” said Mayra Rivera, Director of Marketing for USAA. “As we celebrate USAA’s 100th anniversary in 2022, we remember everyone who helped make USAA what it is today and what it will take to serve our military and their families over the next 100 years. Equity and inclusion are fundamental to what we do, and with this, we are committed to ensuring that CIIM™ continues to be an essential tool for engaging diverse consumers in an authentic and meaningful.”

CIIM™ will continue to be a powerful metric that advertisers can leverage to make meaningful progress against DE&I goals, better engage diverse communities, and drive greater ROI. To learn more about CIIM™ and how to incorporate it into branding, or for more information about AIMM, visit https://www.anaaimm.net.

About CIIM
CIIM™ (Cultural Insights Impact Measure™) is the industry leading measure validating the incremental value of cultural relevance in advertisements and programming demonstrating that culture explains 40% of campaign sales success and preference viewers. As the largest measure of cultural relevance, the CIIM covers 63 industries and ten segments: Non-Hispanic White, African American/Black, Asian English Speakers, English Hispanic Media Viewers, Bilingual Hispanic Media Viewers, of Spanish Hispanic, LGBTQ, Native American, People media. people with disabilities and the general population. Created by Oppside, LLC in partnership with AIMM member companies, CIIM™ provides a guide for brands and content creators to assess the progress of their cultural journey. To date, it has gathered over 500,000 ad reviews on over 1,500 listings from over 500 brands.

CIIM™ Best-In-Culture Brands Ranking Methodology
In 2021, CIIM™ tested over 1,100 advertisements. To determine the top cultural rankings, CIIM™ experts analyzed ad ratings for brands with at least five CIIM™ ads tested in 2021. With 100 brands reaching this threshold, the team then identified the top three brands in the African American, Hispanic English, Hispanic Spanish, and White segments of the general population based on their average CIIM™ scores.

About the Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM)
ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) was established in 2016 to provide businesses with viable solutions for growth by addressing the opportunities of multicultural and inclusive marketing. AIMM includes top-tier advertisers, media/publishers, research and data companies, agencies and trade organizations, to bring to light missed growth potential in the General, Hispanic, African American, Asian-American markets. American and LGBTQ. This extraordinary task force of industry leaders is transforming the way multicultural and inclusive marketing is viewed and understood via an industry-wide reboot – the largest ever in this space. Beyond simply identifying growth potential, AIMM shows its members (and the industry) how to best maximize that potential for a positive bottom line impact. AIMM is the leading authority in the space.

About the Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
The mission of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) is to drive the growth of marketing, brand and business professionals, and the industry. Growth is fundamental for all participants in the ecosystem. ANA seeks to align these interests by leveraging ANA’s 12-Point Growth Program, which has been approved and adopted by the ANA Board of Directors and the Global CMO Growth Council. ANA members consist of more than 1,400 national and international companies, including more than 900 nonprofit marketers and fundraisers and 500 marketing solution providers (data science and technology companies, advertising, publishers, media companies, suppliers and sellers). Collectively, ANA member companies represent 20,000 brands, engage 50,000 industry professionals and invest more than 400 billion dollars in marketing and advertising every year.

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