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Amid Covid surge in other countries, here’s what Maharashtra’s health minister said on the sidewalks


Bombay : Maharashtra recorded a Covid-19 positivity rate of 0.4% till Tuesday. The state only recorded 103 new active cases on Tuesday. Rajesh Tope, Maharashtra’s health minister, said the mask mandate would not be lifted in the state as a fourth wave has already emerged in other countries.

Tope said that looking at the fourth wave in other countries, it’s not fair to take the risk of removing this restriction. “At this time, we have not decided to end the mandate of the mask,” he added.

Maharashtra also recorded no Covid-19 related deaths on Tuesday. Tope said he reported that the state previously had 46,000 active Covid-19 cases and the number has now fallen to 960.

The minister said many of the restrictions imposed earlier to contain the spread of the coronavirus have been eased significantly in the state. Remaining restrictions – on travel, entering shopping malls and mandatory two-dose vaccination – were maintained to increase the rate of inoculation, he said.

“There are different requests to ease the restrictions. All these requests will be submitted to the Chief Minister and after discussing with the task force, a decision will be made on the remaining restrictions,” Tope said.

He also said that Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray will make a decision on allowing ‘shobha yatras’ on the occasion of Gudhi Padwa, the first day of the Marathi New Year, April 2.

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