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Almost one in two people in India do not receive diabetes education for diagnosis


IDF predicts India will have over 92 million people with diabetes by 2030

New research from the International Diabetes Federation (FID) reveals that almost half (43%) of people living with diabetes in India have not received enough information and education about their condition at the time of diagnosis.

The figures, released ahead of World Diabetes Day on Monday November 14, also show that just under one in three (31%) do not receive regular education from their healthcare provider, and one in five (20%) believe they do not have access to diabetes education.

More than 74 million people live with diabetes in India, according to the latest IDF estimates released in 2021. The majority spend less than two hours a year in consultation with a healthcare professional. Therefore, the vast majority of the time they take care of themselves.

Access to information and education at the time of diagnosis and beyond is essential to support diabetes self-management, enabling people living with diabetes to effectively manage their condition. When diabetes is not well managed, the risk of serious health complications increases. These include heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, blindness and lower limb amputation.

IDF research suggests that one in three people in India turn to Google (33%) for their diabetes education, and just under a third (29%) turn to social media.

“This research shows an immediate need for additional support for people with diabetes in India,” said Professor Shashank Joshi, President, IDF Southeast Asia. “They need to understand their condition and keep their diabetes knowledge up to date in order to manage it effectively. We need better access to diabetes education today to protect tomorrow.

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