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akhilesh: The people gave the SP a mandate in 4 phases: Akhilesh | India News

PRIYAGRAJ: Samajwadi party leader Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday claimed voters had given his party a mandate in all four rounds of the UP elections and would ensure its resounding success in the remaining rounds as well.
Addressing a rally in Handia, Akhilesh also vowed to restore the old pension system and announce a caste census once the SP government is formed in the state. “The 2022 assembly polls are meant to protect the constitution…I assure that all promises made in the party manifesto will be kept…Farmers will receive free power for irrigation and girls who have taken the intermediate step will receive Rs 36,000,” he said.
Claiming that the voters decided to oust the Yogi regime, he said the BJP leaders were always spreading lies and the dual engine government had only given inflation and unemployment to the people. Taking a jibe at a viral video of the Robertsganj BJP MLA doing ear-holding sit-ups, the SP leader said voters would not forgive the BJP government for its misdeeds.
Samajwadi party leader Akhilesh Yadav said his party would provide 11 lakh jobs and free education to girls from KG to PG after it returns to power in Uttar Pradesh.
Taunting the BJP for calling its senior leaders from other states like MP, Punjab, Haryana and Maharashtra, he said they had already started fleeing the state after feeling the defeat of the party in the fourth phase.
About the song ‘Ka Ba Baba’ which went viral, Akhilesh said people in the state were singing ‘Bye Bye Baba’. “Since the day we announced 300 units of free energy, BJP leaders have been in shock and their transformers have collapsed.”

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