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akhilesh: Sp: Bjp Govt targeting Jains, people seeking change | Lucknow News


Lucknow: Accusing the BJP of targeting the Jain minority community, Samajwadi party national chairman Akhilesh Yadav said on Sunday that the chief minister also removed the single seat that was reserved for the state assembly at another minority community, Anglo Indians.
Embarking on the 10th stage of Samajwadi Vijay Yatra from IT City to Chak Gajariya in Lucknow, Akhilesh targeted the BJP saying that the government’s approach has created a situation where every section of society seeks a change of government.
The Yatra ended with Akhilesh paying homage to a recently installed idol of Lord Parshuram at a newly built temple in the village of Mahurakalan along the Purvanchal Highway. “There are around 50 lakh Jains who are known for their hard work, but the BJP targets them and carries out raids to harass them,” Akhilesh said, recalling that the two perfume merchants who were raided by the tax department on income and the general management of GST Intelligence (DGGI) were Piyush Jain and Pushparaj Jain. “That’s not all. Another minority – the Anglo-Indians – had a single seat reserved for them in the UP Assembly but the CM also abolished it,” he said.
“Every section of society wants change because people have nothing but sadness and harassment under the BJP government,” Yadav said. Akhilesh addressed the people of the Rohtas and Kareempur grounds.
He said the BJP and CM leaders were only targeting the SP in their speeches and added that they should present the development work being done under the BJP government. “They will never talk about failing to double the farmers’ income they promised in their ‘Sankalp Patra’. They will never talk about the jobs they promised young people. It is because of the bad policies of the BJP that the prices of commodities are increasing day by day, ”he said.
He said most of the development work at IT City and Chak Gajaria was done under the SP regime. “We brought in HCL after which the people from UP, who were to travel to Hyderabad and Bangalore to study and work, got the opportunity right here,” he said.

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