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Akhilesh: People are forced to buy the most expensive electricity | Lucknow News

Lucknow: Holding the UP BJP government responsible for forcing the people of Uttar Pradesh to buy the country’s most expensive electricity, Samajwadi party national chairman Akhilesh Yadav said on Friday that the government BJP had decided to set up the proposed power plants in Etah and other districts under the SP regime, things would have been different. He pledged to ensure cheaper and regular power supply for all sectors by the SP government after the legislative elections of 2022.
The former UP CM said the people of Uttar Pradesh were not satisfied with the way the government had broken its promises and that the party’s returning officers were aware of the resentment of the people, c This is why the government has now pinned all its hopes on the Income Tax Department, the Enforcement Directorate (ED), the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) and other such agencies.
“The crowd at the SP’s public meetings left the BJP in a panic. The BJP leadership realized that they had lost ground in UP and are now conspiring to defame the SP and use the IT department and will call on ED and CBI to do so, ”said Akhilesh.
He also attacked the BJP government over the power supply scenario in the state. In a Hindi tweet, the former chief minister said: “If the proposed power plants in Etah and other districts had been built, the people of Uttar Pradesh would not have been forced to buy electricity. electricity at the highest rate in the country. When the SP government takes over, we reiterate our determination to provide cheaper electricity to the agriculture, household, industrial and business sectors. ”
If the sources are to be believed, SP plans to announce a fixed amount of free electricity to lower and mid-level electricity consumers across the state, in addition to allowing free electricity for the purpose of ‘irrigation. The two announcements are expected to feature as the highlights of the SP manifesto that will be released once the electoral commission makes the final decision on the voting schedule for the UP assembly.
On Thursday evening, Akhilesh had tweeted that he would stay away from public meetings and interactions for three days as a precaution, as his wife Dimple and daughter tested positive for Covid infection on December 22.

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