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“Air travel is booming…but things have changed, people want more options for in-flight dining”


India’s Rs 1,500 crore (annual turnover) airline catering industry is staging a smart recovery from the dark days of March 2020, when it stood still for some time, as air traffic takes a hit. smart return. Arun Batraexecutive chef of the TajSATS of the Tata group which serves more than half of the meals on flights in India, says Saurabh Sinha how the stratospheric dining experience will soon change. Excerpts:

On average, how many meals were you cooking before Covid and when did the business start up again during the pandemic?

Prior to March 2020, we used to prepare approximately 75,000 meals per day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks across multiple categories. About 60-70% of them were for domestic flights and the rest for international flights. At the end of March 2020, this number dropped to zero for a few days, after which we began preparing meals for the medical fraternity, security personnel and evacuation flights. Business started to come back from October 2020 with the resumption of air traffic. Now domestic meals are back to pre-Covid levels. International meals are over 70% and we hope to be 100% this winter.

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