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After failing to woo IIOJK folks, BJP is working on new plans, Indian newspaper says – Kashmir Media Service

New Delhi, Aug 29 (KMS): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has become increasingly aware that its development and peace mantra has failed to attract the masses in occupied Jammu and Kashmir illegally by India, and so the party has come up with a new strategy to fulfill its agenda, an Indian newspaper said in its new report.

The Hyderabad-based Siasat Daily wrote: “The development narrative has not picked up as much momentum as it should have in Kashmir. The massive goodwill and political inclination towards the Saffron Party in the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley, the party felt, fell far short of its expectations, and this prompted it to think of strategies to achieve the desired goal.

During a meeting of the IIOJK unit of the BJP central committee with Home Minister Amit Shah in New Delhi, “this issue emerged as a major concern for the party, as to why its influence, though substantial and politically palatable, is restricted to the Jammu region, as it did not travel north from the Pir Panjal in the Himalayas into the valley.

“Kashmir is very important for the BJP for several reasons; his acceptability in the Valley would help him reinforce that his August 5, 2019 actions of repealing Section 370 and subsequent plans tearing down all legal and constitutional barricades to present himself as the most popular voice of the peoples of one end to the other the other of “India – often referred to as Kashmir within reach of Kanyakumari, the newspaper added.

“Shah urged party leaders to redouble their efforts to increase their reach in the valley. The three-point strategy was designed to fully embrace Kashmir, and in turn ensure that Kashmir embraces the party, politically and ideologically, where diversity is accommodated in an attempt to forge unity of thought and action. for the overall development of the valley and its inhabitants. “wrote the Siasat Daily.

The BJP would “further reinforce its narrative among the Pahari-speaking population of the valley that it is striving to promote the community, to secure better political and economic prospects for the community reeling from its own grievances for decades” . “It reflects how the Paharis would get their due in recognition of their aspirations in party policies. All the neglect he suffered over the years would be reversed.

“At the same time he will seduce the nomadic community of Gujjars and Bakerwals with what he has already done – reserving 9 seats in the Assembly for the community, this is an unprecedented benefit to the community which has been asking for this reservation for decades , “reports the newspaper.

“The BJP will soon start working on these points, but the real hurdle is not having a credible face in the J&K unit to expand its narrative in Kashmir. Research is ongoing for this face, meanwhile, the party would compel its leaders to visit Kashmir quite frequently and speak in the language that connects with the masses, devoid of prejudice rhetoric,” the newspaper revealed.

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