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Africa: Kenya hosts delegates from 32 countries to discuss transnational organized crime in Africa

Nairobi – Kenya is hosting the 4th General Conference of African, Indian Ocean and East African Prosecutors, 2022, to enhance collaboration and effectiveness among African states in the fight against corruption crime.

The event is organized by the Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) in collaboration with the International Association of Prosecutors and the East African Association of Prosecutors (EAAP).

According to an ODPP statement, the 5-day event brings together more than 200 delegates from 32 countries, including directors of public prosecutions, attorneys general, prosecutors and non-state actors, to discuss country experiences and challenges in responding to emerging crimes. and Transnational Organized Crimes on the African Continent.

“The conference aims to enhance collaboration and improve the efficiency of African states to effectively combat criminal groups that operate in a highly globalized and technologically advanced world,” the ODPP said on Monday.

The ODDP said the conference will give prosecutors from different countries the opportunity to share their experiences and find new ways to more effectively improve the investigation and prosecution of emerging and complex transnational and organized crimes.

The theme of the event is “Effective Mechanisms to Respond to Emerging Crimes and Transnational Organized Crime in Africa”.

Participants will share their experiences and best practices on the various issues including cryptocurrency and money laundering, environmental crime and asset recovery.

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