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Adoption snowshoes prey on unsuspecting people desperate for children

It was a warm September morning and the home of an employee of the Northern Power Distribution Company of Telangana Ltd was decorated for a small, intimate religious ceremony in the small village. It was a joyous occasion for the man, in his forties, and his wife. A long wait for the couple to adopt a child had finally come true – it was to be the “coming home” of a 10-year-old boy the couple had “adopted” days earlier from a care home in Mumbai. But the story did not have a happy ending. A police team broke into the house that day and arrested the man accused of kidnapping – the boy he adopted had been kidnapped in Mumbai earlier. The man ended up in jail, despite claiming to have been the victim of an elaborate racket.

Last year, a man from Mumbai discovered that his three children, placed in a day care center run by a well-known charity after their mother died, had been adopted by an American couple without their knowledge. Since then, he has been fighting a legal battle. Her case may not be exactly a fraud, as the charity had published newspaper ads regarding plans to adopt the three children. But for many others, it was a nightmare experience after being taken for a ride by organized gangs.

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