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AAP sets up two bodies of Kashmir IDPs in Jammu


Jammu: In a bid to increase the party’s footprint in the region, the AAP on Friday announced the formation of two Kashmir IDP corps in Jammu.

The party, during the announcement, also claimed that they would form the next government in Jammu and Kashmir as the people decided to give them a chance.

“People of Jammu and Kashmir are looking at Arvind Kejriwal ji governance model in Delhi and Punjab. They have decided to elect AAP government in J&K. We will form government here,” Delhi MP said and head of the J&K unit. of AAP, Durgesh Pathak told reporters here.

“People have tested the National Conference, PDP, Congress. BJP is now ruling here through a back door. They have tested them, and now they have decided to vote for the ruling PAA here,” he said. declared.

Previously, Patahak had sworn in to the party’s newly appointed office bearers.

The party has announced two groups for the displaced from Kashmir — a 16-member provincial-level group led by MP Yogi, who left the National Conference’s minority cell leader and joined the AAP some time ago. two months, and a youth wing of 11 members of these displaced people. people, which will be led by Deepak Raina, Pathak said.

The AAP’s advocacy of displaced Kashmiris comes amid targeted killings of people belonging to this group and months-long protests by Kashmiri Pandit employees for their relocation from Kashmir in the wake of the killings .

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