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A young Indian creates unique shoes to help the blind avoid obstacles


Ankurit Karmakar, a young ninth grader from Assam region in Karimganj, has created a smart shoe that can help blind people avoid obstacles.

According to ANI, the shoe that looks like a prop from a James Bond movie appears to be a pair of plain leather loafers. However, it contains a ton of quite fascinating technologies.

It has sensors that can identify obstacles ahead. The shoe emits a loud siren to warn the wearer of impending obstacles whenever it detects one.

The sensor is connected to the battery via a barrel connector, and the shoe is powered by a tiny battery attached to its sole.

In a statement, Ankurit said, “The sensor in the shoe will identify any obstacles in the way and the buzzer will sound an alert. The blind person will be able to hear the buzzer, which will cause them to become aware and take the appropriate measures to avoid the obstruction.

He revealed that he hopes to become a scientist when he grows up and develop more such technological innovations to make people’s lives easier.

‘For blind people, I created this smart sneaker. My career goal is to be a scientist. I will continue to do work like this to benefit people and make their lives easier,” he added.

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