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A man helps people cross a flooded road for a fee, Anand Mahindra is impressed

The man is seen using a cart to help people cross a waterlogged road.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra is known for extracting some of the most fascinating content from the internet. Now the Chairman of Mahindra Group is back with a “Monday Motivation” video. It shows a person using a cart to help people cross a waterlogged road.

In the clip, uploaded by Mr Mahindra on Twitter, two women can be seen standing on a sidewalk and waiting to cross a street with water running over them, possibly from rain. Right next to them, a barefoot man can be seen with a wooden cart. The duo pay the man and get down to it. Then the person pushes the cart across the street. On the other side, we can see passengers waiting to board. Moments later, the two men climb onto the cart as the person helps them across.

It seems that people were hesitant to get their shoes wet in the waterlogged street and that’s when the man seized the opportunity to offer his service for a fee.

“Entrepreneurship and enterprise. It’s everywhere. Unstoppable,” Mahindra captioned, using the hashtag “Monday Motivation.”

As of this writing, the clip has amassed 122,000 views on Twitter and has users reacting.

“And in the end, he would not only count how much he earned, but also how many people he helped,” one user wrote.

Another said: “It’s amazing…It shows that anyone who understands the need of the hour and takes action can capitalize on absolutely anything.”

This person appears to have used a similar service before.

One user had some wise words to spare.

The service does indeed have some demand from the public.

“This is an example of an opportunity where we can win something,” one person wrote.

So what do you think of the idea?

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