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69% of people in India see severe effects of climate change: survey

New Delhi: According to a new survey conducted for the World Economic Forum.

The survey was conducted among 23,507 people in 34 countries between July 22 and August 5 on Ipsos’ Global Advisor online survey platform.

On average, more than half (56%) of all adults surveyed in the 34 countries said that climate change had already had serious effects in the areas where they live.

Twenty-two countries show a majority saying they have already been seriously affected by climate change, including nine countries where it exceeds two-thirds of all those surveyed: Mexico (75%), Hungary (74%), Turkey (74 %), Colombia (72%), Spain (71%), Italy (70%), India (69%), Chile (69%) and France (68%).

More than seven in 10 (71%) expect climate change to have a serious effect on their region in the next 10 years. In India, 76% of respondents said so.

Most respondents in all countries surveyed fear being seriously affected by climate change over the next decade – from 52% in Malaysia to over 80% in Portugal, Mexico, Hungary, Turkey, Chile, South Korea, Spain, and Italy.

A third (35%) expect to be displaced from their homes due to climate change in the next 25 years.

This is expressed by almost two-thirds in India (65%) and Turkey (64%) and almost half in Malaysia (49%), Brazil (49%), Spain (46%) and South Africa. South (45%).

On the other hand, less than one in four say so in Sweden (17%), Argentina (21%), the Netherlands (21%) and Poland (23%).

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