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11 crew members from 5 countries detained on ship hijacked by Yemeni rebels

A ship hijacked by Yemeni rebels in the Red Sea has 11 crew members from five countries on board, the United Arab Emirates told the president of the United Nations Security Council on Monday.

Seven crew members are Indian and the others are from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines, the permanent representative of the United Arab Emirates said in a letter obtained by AFP.

He denounced the “act of piracy” against the Rwabee, flying the flag of the United Arab Emirates, which the Houthi rebels seized on January 2.

Iran-backed rebels say they seized the Rwabee in Yemeni waters and released a video they say shows military equipment on board.

“This act of piracy is contrary to fundamental provisions of international law,” reads the letter, signed by UAE Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh and dated January 9.

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“It also poses a serious threat to the freedom and safety of navigation as well as to international trade in the Red Sea, as well as to regional security and stability.”

Nusseibeh described the Rwabee as a “civilian freighter” leased by a Saudi company and carrying equipment used in a field hospital. He was traveling on an international route, she added.

The Saudi-led coalition intervened in Yemen to support the internationally recognized government in March 2015 after the Huthis took the capital, Sanaa, the previous September.

The UN has estimated that the war will have killed around 377,000 people directly or indirectly by the end of 2021, and calls it the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.

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