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10 more people tested positive for Zika virus in Kanpur, UP, number rises to 89


Another ten people, including three members of the Indian Air Force, tested positive for Zika virus in Kanpur on Sunday, bringing the total number of cases to 89, District Magistrate Vishak G Ayyar said.

As of Saturday, 13 people had tested positive for the Zika virus.

Of the 89 people infected, 55 are men and 34 are women. Of these, 23 are those under the age of 21. Of the total infected, 12 are members of the Indian Air Force. This includes 11 men and one woman, ” the district magistrate said.

Health teams had collected blood samples from 525 people on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and were sent to the King George Medical University virology lab in Lucknow and the National Institute of Virology in Pune for testing.

“Of this number, 23 samples tested positive for the Zika virus,” added the district magistrate.

Ayyar also said health teams collected samples from 525 people who were in close contact with those infected and living within a 3 km radius of the hangars at the Indian Air Force station for testing. .

The first case of the virus was reported in the city on October 23 when an IAF warrant officer tested positive for the infection.

So far, a total of 3,283 samples have been collected in the city and sent to the virology laboratory of KGMU in Lucknow and NIV in Pune for testing.

Zika is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes and therefore getting rid of mosquitoes is the safest solution, the district magistrate said.

To control the spread of the disease, health teams are carrying out disinfection programs, including spraying against larvae and identifying feverish patients, screening seriously ill people and pregnant women.

Health officials have been urged to step up surveillance and ensure door-to-door sampling and testing for Zika virus.

“We advise the local population not to panic in the face of the sudden surge of Zika virus cases,” Ayyar said.

A high alert was triggered on the outskirts of the hangars at IAF station, another official said.

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