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10 countries where you can drive with an Indian driver’s license

Singapore (left-hand drives)

Although Singapore requires an international driver’s license, you can hit the road for up to a year with a valid Indian driver’s license in English.

Hong Kong (Drives on the left)

You can enjoy everything the country has to offer on a self-driving vacation for up to a year.

Malaysia (left hand drive)

You can drive with an Indian driver’s license in English in Malaysia. If not in English, bring an English or Malay translation certified by the issuing authority or the Indian Embassy in Malaysia.

South Africa (Drives left)

Road trip in South AfricaDevon Janse Van Rensburg / Unsplash

Driving around the quaint towns and beautiful villages of South Africa is a life changing experience and you can do it with just your Indian license as long as it is up to date, printed in English and contains your photo. Some car hire companies in South Africa tend to require an International Driving Permit (more details below) when hiring a car, so it is advisable to call ahead and confirm their requirements.

Germany (right-hand drive)

In Germany, travelers with an Indian driving license can drive hassle-free for up to six months. The only thing to keep in mind is that your license must be in English (or German) for it to be valid in the country. Even though it is not mandatory to have an international driving license to drive in Germany, it is beneficial to keep one handy as the document contains certain translations which will help local authorities to verify your documents.

Switzerland (Right Hand Drive)

Drive the beautiful country roads of Switzerland with your Indian driving license for up to one year. You can rent a vehicle in the country as long as you have a copy of your English driving license.

Sweden (right hand drive)

Although you can drive in Sweden with an Indian driving licence, you must ensure that the license is printed in one of the following languages ​​for it to be valid: English, Swedish, German, French or Norwegian.

Do I need to get an international driving permit?

Even in a country that allows you to drive with an Indian driver’s license, it’s always best to have an international driver’s license handy. Apply to the nearest RTO, following the steps below. The permit takes approximately one week to process and is valid for one year from the date of issue.

How to get an international driving license

  1. Complete and submit the application form 4-A
  2. Complete and submit a medical file form 1-A
  3. Submit attested copies of valid Indian driving license, valid passport, visa, copies of these documents, passport photos and processing fee (Rs1,000).

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